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Using Cornell Notes: A Video Tutorial for Students

The system of Cornell note taking is a strategy I have used for a long time, since university at least but possibly before (A Level is such a distant memory I can’t quite recall!). I use them now when listening to interesting podcasts, reading especially important articles, completing online courses like with Massolit, or as I read books I know I’ll want to revisit in the future. It’s also a system I have advocated and explained in the past to my own students.

The below twenty-minute video tutorial offers a detailed explanation and overview as to how to use Cornell notes, as well as modelling the process with one of my own digital notebooks.

It is designed with students in mind so should be ready to share, if you wish, without further addition or framing.

It’s perhaps also worth saying that Cornell notes is now used so frequently that any ‘original’ method of using it has, I think, dissipated through countless tweaks and revisions. As such, the specific method I outline may well not be exactly the one you’ve countered before. But, it’s what works for me, and the same basic principle still holds: a section for making notes, a section for summarising, a section to be used for retrieval.

Here’s the full video tutorial and I hope it’s of use: Cornell Notes: A Video Tutorial for Students


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