Strategies for Teaching English: A Video Presentation

Ahead of the new academic year I was going to write a blog about some ideas/strategies/approaches that I think work well (at least for me) in teaching English. But, instead I thought I’d do this as a video presentation. And so linked below you’ll find a 40 minute presentation talking about some of the things... Continue Reading →

Literary Puzzles: Using the Do Now in English

With the exception of A Level, the vast majority of my lessons begin in much the same way: 1. Students come into the classroom2. They find waiting for them a task that will take about 5 minutes to complete3. They complete the task4. We talk about it This is such an embedded routine in my... Continue Reading →

A Model Response: GCSE Non-Fiction Writing

Mobile phones should be banned from the classroom as they are nothing but a distraction’. Write an article in which you persuade people of your point of view. Dialling 999: An Emergency in Education Imagine, if you will, a class of thirty students. Imagine you’re the teacher. It’s Monday, Period One and you’re trying to... Continue Reading →

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