An Inspector Calls and its Reception: An Alternative Interpretation

When we arrive at the end of An Inspector Calls and witness the Inspector looking out at the audience, in a kind of ideological crescendo, bellowing his warnings about ‘fire, blood and anguish’, it would be difficult to imagine Priestley’s aim is not an act of conversion. Priestley, one instinctively assumes, is seeking to uproot... Continue Reading →

From Start to Finish: A Detailed Analysis of An Inspector Calls

Previously posted in four parts, the below is a detailed moment by moment analysis of An Inspector Calls written to be both rigorous and accessible to students. It covers the entire play from start to finish. Setting the Scene The play opens with a set of detailed and specific stage directions and Priestley’s use of... Continue Reading →

5 Essential An Inspector Calls Quotations

There are many, many rich and powerful moments in An Inspector Calls that demand detailed analysis and exploration. The below gets to grips with just some of the things we could say about five absolutely key quotations in the play. Number One: When you’re married you’ll realize that men have important work to do sometimes... Continue Reading →

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