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Beyond the Curriculum: Strategies and Resources for Exposing Students to the Literary Hinterland

Broadly speaking, there are two ways we might challenge our students. First, we might offer challenge in a vertical manner, where we provide opportunity for rigor and depth around whatever topic is currently under discussion. This could happen in a whole host of ways. It might be we provide students with and discuss a critical... Continue Reading →

Modelling Creative Writing: A Model Example and How We Got There

For the last few lessons with my GCSE class, we’ve been working on creative writing. Up until now, we’ve done a lot of work on refining and rehearsing certain sentence stems, most of which have been taken from Chris Curtis’ superb book, How to Teach English. This has included doing tasks such as the below... Continue Reading →

Posters for the Literature Classroom

Recently I have very much enjoyed playing around with Adobe Spark and making various literature-based posters. This has been done mostly for my own enjoyment, but I thought I would share what I’ve created should they be of use and interest to others.

How I Teach…Embedding Quotations

This is the first in what I hope will become a series of blogs offering a step by step guide for how I teach certain key aspects of English. It's by no means intended to be definitive or 'the' way to teach whatever it might be, but will hopefully offer a couple of useful strategies.... Continue Reading →

A Model Response: Creative Writing

Question: Write a description suggested by this image Cocooned within the sanctuary of my train cab, the noise is somewhat dampened, but, looking out of my window, I can see them. Hundreds of them. The passengers. I imagine, as I do every morning during rush hour, the way in which they resemble the hyena and... Continue Reading →

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