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An Inspector Calls: A Detailed Analysis (Part 4)

This is part 4 of a four part series of posts looking at An Inspector Calls. It is written with students in mind. This post looks at the interactions between Eric and the Inspector as well as the end of play. The Inspector and Eric After having left earlier in the play Eric now returns.It... Continue Reading →

An Inspector Calls: A Detailed Analysis (Part 3)

In this post, which is Part 3 of a four part series, we look at the Inspector's interactions with Gerald and Mrs Birling. The series is written with students in mind. The Inspector and Gerald At the end of Act One the Inspector reveals that Eva often went by a different name (Daisy Renton) and... Continue Reading →

An Analysis: Mother, Any Distance

This poem is from the 1993 collection Book of Matches so titled because each poem is supposed to be read in twenty seconds, the time it takes for a match to burn. This is significant for this particular poem since the collection deals with time passing (hence the match image) as does ‘Mother, any distance’.... Continue Reading →

5 Essential An Inspector Calls Quotations

There are many, many rich and powerful moments in An Inspector Calls that demand detailed analysis and exploration. The below gets to grips with just some of the things we could say about five absolutely key quotations in the play. Number One: When you’re married you’ll realize that men have important work to do sometimes... Continue Reading →

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