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Delivering Effective Feedback Through OneNote

A few days ago I posted an overview of how I use Microsoft OneNote, both when remote teaching but also when back in the classroom. However, I wanted to expand on possible ways to use it to deliver effective feedback. If you are unfamiliar with OneNote or Class Notebook (which are the same thing) you... Continue Reading →

How I Use OneNote for English: A Quick Overview

As teachers across the country move to online learning, I wanted to pop down some thoughts as to how I personally use OneNote when teaching English. This is something I have been doing for a while now and this system works very well for me, whether remote learning or not. In essence, I use OneNote... Continue Reading →

An Analysis: Love’s Philosophy

Throughout the poem Shelley refers to the speaker’s love by comparing it to natural imagery and the natural order. He uses this imagery in order to try and seduce the woman he is addressing: he is attempting to justify why the woman should be with him by referencing how nature works in the world. Thus,... Continue Reading →

An Analysis: Walking Away by Cecil Day-Lewis

What is it about? A father, the speaker, watches his son play football at school. As his son walks away from him he becomes worried that their relationship has fundamentally changed, since his son is growing up and becoming more independent. However, the speaker comes to realise that this is an experience all parents have... Continue Reading →

An Analysis: Winter Swans by Owen Sheers

The poem begins with the weather mimicking the emotion of the couple: ‘The clouds had given their all –’. At a literal level, this image is referencing how the clouds have expended all of their rain. However, at a more symbolic level it reflects how the couple are emotionally exhausted and how the relationship is... Continue Reading →

Teaching Compare and Contrast via Passing References

Most, if not all, English Literature specifications at GCSE and A Level require the student to make points of connection between two texts, something either explicitly stated in the specification or implied through the format of the question. Given its prevalence, making apt and stylistically fluid textual comparisons is an aspect of essay writing that... Continue Reading →

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